Strawberry Apparel Keeps the Juice Flowing!

If you follow me on Twitter or on Facebook, then you might be aware that I had the chance to work with the owners of Strawberry Apparel on a Back to School Special.

It was my first encounter with the brand. Initially, I thought they produced ordinary graphic shirts; however, when I came face to face with their newest designs and their photo advertisements, something told me that they weren’t just “any” local graphics shirt label.

I had a little chit-chat with Jude, one of the founders, and he explained to us how the idea came to be and what makes their shirts different. Check out the full interview here.

Here are three of their newest designs modelled by 3 of Cebu’s fashion bloggers:

The Babe Watch worn by Alexa Luna of

The Sailor worn by Vanessa East of


The Cocktale worn by Issa Perez of

PHOTOGRAPHY BY Alexa-Clare Tan! check out her online Portfolio here.


You can find Strawberry shirts at:

Nick’s Doodle Store

6twelve Indie

Strawberry Hot Shop located at


For more info and inquiries, check out their official sites:




Upcoming website:

  1. April Hollie (Reply) on Monday 13, 2011

    wow, this must have been fun!

  2. Michelle Tiu (Reply) on Monday 13, 2011

    I just watched the video of the interview!!

    I love shoots and this looks super fun!! 😀

    • Janah 'Theshiznit' (Reply) on Monday 13, 2011

      The shoot was a success both the video and photos. Check out Alexa-Clare Tan’s portfolio, drool ~