Last Tuesday, I had the pleasure of having dinner with my friend Kimmy at this place called Simply J’s Cafe located at Escario street, across Imagine, near Park Lane Hotel. It’s actually inside a Furniture store called Country Classics; a small area painted all in white with a big white tent right at the front. She told me about it a few days prior and was raving about the food, ambiance, and especially the prices. She called it “The White Tent Place” in reference to the big tent I mentioned earlier.

When I arrived at the area I was in love! The place was so homey and the furnitures and crafty things displayed everywhere were divine. It reminded me of European classic stuff with a touch of countryside. Right in front of the place is the furniture store that’s packed with Christmas ornaments in preparation for the coming holidays. You have to walk at the side of the store to actually find the cafe. It’s that small! If you didn’t know about it first-hand, you would miss it, I think.

When we walked inside, the soft, warm glow of the chandeliers greeted us and a variety of tables and chairs displayed teased our eyes. It was like we were in a different country! To be honest, the first thing that popped in my head when I took everything in was that it was so ROMANTIC! I can imagine myself having a quiet, pleasant dinner with my boyfriend inside the place. We actually saw a couple doing exactly that! It was really sweet. There was also a serious-looking man busy with his laptop in the middle of the room. He was probably Facebooking since they had a WiFi connection (haha.) There was an old lady sitting at the corner writing too. From that alone you can really tell that they cater to different patrons. Whether you are a couple, an old lady, or a busy executive, you still crave for that certain unfathomable comfort that Simply J’s Cafe provided.

I have not seen anything like it in Cebu. They had Polvoron for sale, Bath and Body works, Victoria’s Secret colognes as well. I took a few photos of some items. I particularly liked a hanger made of metal and shaped to spell out “Forever” and a compartment box with the word “Believe” carved on to it.  I was even considering shopping there the next time I wanted to give someone a gift. Why am I ranting about the displays and not the food? Well, this is a good way to occupy your time while waiting for the food. They actually prepare it so it takes a bit of time and there is only one girl serving the guests. So it’s awesome, right? It just served so many needs and purposes all at once that I was in awe.

Now, it’s time to talk about the menu. They have limited choices but all of them are delicious! They have a three-paged menu that contained salads, entrée, pasta, sandwiches, soup, main dishes, desserts, and drinks. Their ribs are good but their Carbonara is the best! They also have big servings so it is definitely worth the money. The price-range, as you can see in the picture below is from P100-P200 which isn’t bad at all. They use fine dining utensils and they have really cute plates and bowls too!

I have to say it was a truly great experience. Thank you Kimmy for introducing me to it. I loves you 😀

So what are you waiting for? You HAVE to check it out! Tell me what you think about it on Twitter or subscribe and comment on this blog. I hope you will like it just as much as I did 🙂

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  2. radj (Reply) on Thursday 21, 2010

    Big fan of places like Simply J. Thanks for this!