A Guide To A Back To School Make-over

Summer has finally bid its adieu and I am well aware that you might not be too thrilled about it. On the bright side, going back to school could be an exciting experience. You may have gone in and out of school grounds for years and nothing’s different, but that doesn’t mean you have to stay the same.

Every time school starts, you have a chance to become a better you. It’s like a pseudo beginning of your high school or college life. What better way to start it by doing a make-over?

Don’t stress yourself. It doesn’t have to be drastic, or dramatic. Here is a simple guide that would help you get a fresh start.

The most important thing when you want to start the day right is to feel right. Get a good night’s rest, eat a healthy breakfast, and of course flaunt a fresh-looking, bright face. Make-up can do wonders, but nothing beats a natural glow.


The key to a back to school make-up is looking naturally radiant. Drink lots of water and invest on a deep moisturizing body lotion & facial moisturizer with at least SPF 30 to protect you from the harsh sun rays when you’re out and about, going to different classrooms.

  • It’s best to stay away from full coverage foundations, especially if you have oily skin because you may find yourself faced with a dilemma when it starts to cake and melt at the end of the day and retouching won’t do any good.
  • For combination to dry skin, a tinted moisturizer can be a great alternative. If you have no time to purchase one, don’t fret because you can actually make your own! All you need is a good quality cream concealer like the DollFace Cosmetics individual concealer and a good moisturizer. Mix it well and stipple on your skin. For a full tutorial on how to do it, check our Back To School Special.
  • You can use the same concealer to hide blemishes, scars, dark circles, and discoloration that you may have on your face.
  • For under eyes, I have been a believer of the Garnier whitening eye roll-on. I have used it for 4 years now and it has never failed me. This will reduce the darkness and puffiness around your eyes which will help make concealing them easier. There are also various eye creams available for the same purpose.
  • You can use a liquid type concealer to avoid caking and creasing. The tendency with cream concealer applied under the eyes is, it tends to crack, unless it’s semi-liquid and cream. It’s also best to seal the concealer with powder to make it last all day. Try to use a shade lighter than your real skin tone to help brighten your face and make you look awake and ready for the day.
  • When putting on blush, try to blend well so as not to look like you got slapped in the face. We want to go for a naturally flushed look, you can do this by choosing a reddish, pinkish blush. You can also go for a sun-kissed look that a peachy pink blush will give you. You can check out the DollFace Cosmetics 42 Shimmer palette that has the 10 pc blush set that contains a variety of shades and 2 shades of bronzers. It’s definitely a steal.
  • You can choose whether or not to contour your face, but if you are like me, I have a very round face, I usually go for it. You might want to avoid bronzers for this particular step because they tend to have shimmers that will give you away. Remember, you want to look like you have no make-up on. Go for the matte contouring powder. DollFace Cosmetics has a Contour and Highlight Palette placed in a convenient, slim container that you can bring along with you anytime. If you want to go for alternatives, Careline has a blush called Morena Star that works well for me. It’s matte and has a slightly darker tone than my actual skin color.
  • If you want to achieve a bright, fresh, dewy look, then you need to highlight your face. If you want a simple look then use matte highlighters. Matte highlighters are simply white powder that you strategically place on certain areas of your face. If you want the dewy look, then go for the shimmery white powder or cream. This will capture the light and reflect it, therefore giving off a luminescent effect that makes your skin seem to glow.
  • For the lips, you can use tinted lip balms, lip tints, lip glosses, or lipsticks. You’re free to choose, but you have to consider the staying power. If you want to wear lipsticks, go for matte ones. You can also apply a lip liner all over your lips and then seal it with the lipstick. This will make the lip color last all day long. Some of my favorite lip balms are The Myra E Vita-Moisture Lip Balm for lip conditioning and Watson’s Moisturizing Lip Balm in Sweet Strawberry which gives my lips a very natural tint.




Whoever says that you can wear anything in school is obviously out of their mind, that’s what I think anyway! There are different rules about what you are allowed to wear. Usually, they have to be more or less conservative. But if you have a uniform, then you can’t do anything about that. For those that have the liberty to express themselves in school, here a few styling tips from 3 of Cebu’s fashion bloggers:

Vanessa East of onefrozenmargarita.blogspot.com

“What you need is a small purse that could fit your daily essentials and you really dont wanna wear something restricting. an airy top paired with a bandeau would do but make sure you bring a cardigan for cover-up. paired with pants thats roomy enough for you to move around then youre set to go. and it would also be nice to wear the colors of the season.”


Alexa Luna of iamalexa.blogspot.com

” I mixed bold and vibrant hues with soft and delicate pastels. I topped off the outfit with a yellow sling bag. I wore a beige blazer to tone down the look and used brown accessories to serve as contrast.”


Issa Perez of littleblacksheepfashion.blogspot.com

Whatever you wear to school should be simple yet still have the power to stand out. I suggest selecting pieces with bright/ bold colors. Most importantly, always be comfortable in what you choose to wear.”


On my end, all I can say is that whatever you choose to wear, make sure you are comfortable in it. These lookbooks may be fashionable and to-die for, but each of us has our own style. The most important thing is you don’t settle for anything less than fabulous.

Have a great first day at school!

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      Photos by Alexa-Clare Tan, yep yep yep! 😀
      She co-owns Strawberry Apparel as well!

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