A Review of Allue Hair Mascara in Gold

The first time I was truly endeared to having light brows was when I was in SM city Cebu and I walked pass the MEG store where a poster of Marielle was posted on the window,. She was wearing this amazing smokey eye makeup with very light brows and tan skin. Ever since then, I have been going crazy about lighter brows and achieving a similar look, minus the extreme tanning.

When I talked about it with a few friends of mine, they mentioned MAC’s Boy Girl and Etude House’s brow setter. The first thing I checked out was of course, the cheaper one! So, I went to Etude House and asked about their brow setter. Unfortunately, they were out of stock.

I have to admit I was kind of annoyed. I was going to check out MAC, but before that, I stepped into HBC to see what products they had to offer. This was after I read a few reviews on San San products.

If you watch my videos on YouTube then you should be aware that this was the time I raved about San San products and even had a major San San haul. I bought a couple of things including their hair mascara in gold.

Product name: Allue hair mascara in Gold

Price: Php80 only, but since it’s on sale it’s sold for Php70

The product is mainly for the hair. Yes, the hair on top of our head. You’re supposed to apply it on streaks of your hair to have strips of gold on it. I don’t know what trend Allue is trying to set, but I think it’s kind of silly.

At the back of the box it says you’re not supposed to apply it on your eyelashes and eye brows. So, I want to put a disclaimer that I am not telling you to use this product. I am simply sharing my experience with it and my two cents on how it can be an alternative for lightening the brows. It is your option to use it or not.


  • It’s very, very affordable and locally available.
  • It has a fruity or candy smell (I like it)
  • It comes in a small tube that’s convenient to bring with you.
  • The formula isn’t dry or too wet either.
  • The brush allows even application.
  • The color is a great shade to lighten very dark eye brows.
  • Personally, i think it’s a good alternative to brow gels that lighten the brows.
  • It did not damage my eyebrows whatsoever. Do not use on your eyelashes!
  • It has a bit of shimmer to it so be careful when applying. Watch this video for the demo.
  • It’s not mainly for the eyebrows, but you can try it at your own risk.
  • Blending with a clean spooly is required.
  • If you’re not careful when applying or if you’re too heavy on the hands, it will transfer to your skin.
Here are a few pictures of me wearing the hair mascara on my eye brows.





So that’s it for my review of the Allue Hair mascara. I hope this was informative enough. Don’t forget to check out my demo video, so you will know how I apply it on my eye brows.


Thank you for your time and watch out for my next product review from San San.


Janah xo

  1. Tricia Tayag (Reply) on Saturday 24, 2011

    wow! I’m looking for a cheaper brow mascara. this is a good alternative for Mac and Etude! Thanks!!