A Review of James Cooper Compact Cream Foundation

I don’t know if you have heard of James Cooper Cosmetics. The first and only time I heard about this line is when my friend’s acquaintance who is a well-known makeup artist in Cebu, Philippines introduced it to her. He specifically raved about their compact cream foundation from the Jazzy Collection.

When I was back in the Philippines, I kept putting off buying the foundation despite having tried and loved it because i still had a lot of foundations and i knew it was always gonna be there. So, when I was about to leave for the states, I picked one up right away and brought it with me.

Price: Php 495.00

Bought where:  Cebu, Philippines (Watsons, Parkmall)

Also available at: Manila, Philippines (Watsons, SM City Manila)

Foundation type: cream foundation

Foundation shade: CF-01 to CF-05 (If I remember correctly)

Good for what skin types: Dry, combination, and oily (with primer & setting spray)



size: 2 inch diameter

weight: 20 g or 0.70 oz

It comes in a screw-cap container that is very durable and light-weight. It’s easy to carry around and very convenient for packing. I find that it’s a great size for a foundation since most are either to long, big, or bulky.


For 20 g this product has a lot to offer! It’s a very thick creamy foundation that gives justice to the saying “a little goes a long way”

When stored at room temperature depending on the location, the consistency will vary. If the area is too humid and hot, it becomes a lot more soft and liquid in consistency, while in cool temperatures, it hardens, therefore, you need to warm it up on your hands before applying.


If I remember correctly, they have shades CF-01 to CF-05, and the shades get darker. I’m in between CF-01 and CF-02, but having to mix the two all the time was too much of a hassle for me. I would say that their color range is a bit limited to Asian skin tones. I say this because their products are warm and yellow toned. The lightest shade which is CF-01 isn’t necessarily pink-toned, it’s just really light.

As for coverage, it has medium to full coverage, depending on the amount of product you apply. But, i suggest you avoid packing this on because it will look very heavy on the face. Applying concealer on stubborn areas will most definitely be preferable.


Aside from removing my very distracting pimples, I have not altered anything in this picture with regards to the finish of the foundation. As you can see, it has an obvious finish, depending on your skin type. I do not have perfect skin and I do not have a smooth face surface, that is why, it doesn’t look as flawless. But overall, the finish is amazing. it has a natural glow to it that gives it a very “porcelain look”

I personally think that it’s great for photo shoots or events where you need great coverage for pictures.


I have oily skin and dealing with cream foundations can be quite tricky. All I can say is that you need a great primer and a setting spray to make sure that you’ll stay shine free the whole day.

The great thing about this product, as compared to matifying foundations is that it has a very subtle and flattering dewy finish to the face, so you won’t look very dull and it saves you a lot of time from highlighting.

That’s it for my review of this product, I hope I was thorough enough. For a demonstration on how I apply this foundation on myself, check out my video. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me through Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or email. I will try to get back at you as soon as I can.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I will see you in my next post!


  1. Rae (Reply) on Sunday 4, 2012

    Cool, we have the same foundation brush and the same foundation. Only mine is CF-03. I can relate to you on the skin texture bit. The foundation is good, it’s just that my skin’s surface is not smooth. Even then, it gives a natural finish and I kinda like that it still shows my skin texture and it doesn’t settle on lines.

    Great review. Anyway, I’ve seen a CF-06 of this. But it’s not common.

  2. iman hadiya (Reply) on Sunday 4, 2012

    where can i buy that jazzy cream foundation tru online matagal na akong naghahanap nyan and howmuch