Metropolis London Tourmaline Flat Iron

I received the Metropolis Technology London Tourmaline Flat Iron from last week. Beauty Choice is an online beauty shop that offers various products under fragrance, bath and body, as well as cosmetics. But what sets them apart is their wide-range availability of hair tools, wigs, and hair extensions. I was so excited to try out their hair tools because I haven’t really done a review on one. So, let’s get to know this product shall we?

What is a Tourmaline flat iron?

These are flat irons that have Tourmaline crystal powders on the plates. This allows them to heat up faster and create a smoother, easily manageable hair style, with less heat damage.

I’ve never been a huge fan of hair tools primarily because, the constant application of heat on the hair can damage it. But with recent technology, the Tourmaline flat iron makes hair more manageable, shinier and softer. it will create humidity-proof styles that last longer, allows for faster drying time, and prevents frizz and split ends

So I took two days to test it out. The first is for straightening, and the second is for curling. This is how the tourmaline flat iron looks  like with the box and packaging:

Tourmaline Flat Iron

Metropolis Technology London Tourmaline Flat Iron


The box has a magnetic lid that secures what’s inside. The box itself is pretty sturdy and durable. You can definitely re-use it. When you open the box, you will see a well-designed plastic cover with a silhouette design of what appears to me as “London” and it’s so pretty! It makes you not wanna throw it away haha!


Metropolis Technology London Tourmaline Flat Iron


The tourmaline Flat Iron itself is also very pretty. It’s all white with pink and gray accents. It has a clean look with the “on-off” and temperature knob hidden under the handles.


Metropolis Technology London Tourmaline Flat Iron

Metropolis Technology London Tourmaline Flat Iron


I love that the cord for the outlet is extra long and has a 360° rotating capacity. You can just walk around while doing your hair without having to worry about getting pulled back. It also has a rubber lock that secures the cord conveniently, unlike most flat irons, or appliance, that uses a zip tie or a wire that you will most likely lose or misplace in an instant.

The plates are approximately half an inch away from the on-off & temperature knobs and are a good 4 x 1 inches. The temperature knob goes from 180 – 450 °F which is pretty awesome. The Remington flat iron I have only goes from 380 – 410 °F

Metropolis Technology London Tourmaline Flat Iron


Straightening Hair with the 1″ London Tourmaline Flat Iron

Metropolis Technology London Tourmaline Flat Iron


I have wavy hair since my curls have grown out. Sometimes it gets a bit frizzy and difficult to manage so I usually put it in a bun just to get it out of the way. These are my first impressions when using it for straightening:

  • It heated up in approximately 20 seconds time.
  • It moved smoothly over my hair without the strands sticking to the plate.
  • It didn’t feel too hot and the heat did not travel to the handle, not even the one over the plates.
  • It straightened my hair completely without making it look flat, stiff, and fake.
  • After straightening all my hair, it felt so natural and moved very well.
  • It didn’t appear like my hair was straightened with a flat iron.
  • My straight hair stayed on forever! No frizzing or waving.

Curling Hair with the 1″ London Tourmaline Flat Iron

Metropolis Technology London Tourmaline Flat Iron


I love my hair when it’s curled because it’s voluminous and more appealing to me. But I always end up taking an hour or so to finish. It’s definitely a hassle for me so I usually just stick to a slept-in bun and untie it leaving my hair wavy. I kind of put off the curling part because of the said reason above. I knew I had to do it anyway, so I did and I was pleasantly surprised because:

  • It took me less than an hour to finish.
  • It instantly heated up upon turning it on.
  • The cord rotated easily without hassle.
  • I didn’t burn my fingers despite changing temperatures now and again because the plates are well away from the temperature knob.
  • I didn’t even have to think about anything. I just focused on curling my hair.
  • My hair went through the plates smoothly without sticking.
  • My hair looked smooth and bouncy.
  • My curls from this flat iron is definitely more bouncy and voluminous compared to the Remington one that I’ve been using.
  • I love that it doesn’t make my hair stiff, so the curls look very natural, like I didn’t even try.
  • The curls lasted the whole day until the next.

Generally I love everything about this flat iron. I’m definitely ditching my old one! Watch me straighten and curl my hair on video and talk about my overview of the product on my video:


The Metropolis Technology London Tourmaline Flat Iron is available at for only $69.95 You can avail for free shipping because a purchase total of $50 and above will make you eligible. i really do like this flat iron. perhaps there are better ones out there, but for the price, I’m happy with this one. I love all the benefits that Tourmaline gives and overall, it’s just so easy to use and… pretty! lol! I’m such a girly girl.

Thank you for taking the time to read this lengthy review. I hope the pictures and details have been helpful. Let me know if you’ve tried this or if you want to try it! What do you think of flat irons?

I’ll see you in my next post. Don’t forget to check out my video review of this product on my channel!

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