A Review on Ever Bilena Foundations

Hey everyone! I’m a huge fan of Ever Bilena Cosmetics. Most of their products are affordable and trustworthy. A few of my favorites would have to be their foundations.

I’m a huge bargain freak and most of the time I look for items that are at the most reasonable price. But when it comes to foundations, I assumed I can only lean on internationally known products such as Revlon, L’oreal, Maybelline, etc. that are not-so-pocket-friendly.

I was very concerned about taking chances with local brands because, come on, this is our face! It’s a major major no-no to experiment on different products. I was afraid of having break-outs, or allergic reactions. However, a few years back, when I was in college, I had to be on a strict budget due to a sudden crisis caused by impulse shopping. I needed to think fast and prioritize! Was I willing to take a risk? Well, I really didn’t have a choice. So, I went on and purchased my first Ever Bilena Pro Flawless Finish Foundation.


First of all, what attracted me was the packaging. It came in a sleek 30 mL glass container with a pumping system which, I thought, was very convenient and hygienic. Second of all, it only costs 165 pesos. Yes, ladies, 165 pesos! I couldn’t believe it either. Although, I was a bit worried at first; I used to have this weird assumption that if it’s cheap, it will probably suck. Apparently, that’s not always true.

If you look at the back of the box, you can see the ingredients of the product:

water, mineral oil, glycerin, micronized Titanium dioxide, Propylene glycol, PEG-100, PEG-30, Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Octyl palmitate, Cetearyl alcohol, Polysorbate-60, Dimethicone, Dipolyhydroxystearate, Methyl Paraben, Propyl paraben, Carbomer, Triethanolamine, Sodium EDTA, Tocopherly acetate,fragrance, may contain CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499, CI 7789

I don’t know about you, but I only recognize the first three. Since the product is water-based it provides light to medium coverage. After a second coat of the product, your scars, blemishes, and other imperfections are visibly reduced, so you don’t have to take a lot of time concealing. It is best for those with normal to dry skin since it has a dewy finish & may take a few minutes to dry. The oil part gives the foundation good movement, which allows blushes and eyeshadows to blend effortlessly and evenly over the face. Mistakes are easily buffed away with the sponge. If you don’t like any shiny areas upon application, you can dust a bit of loose or finishing powder on those areas and blend.

If you have oily or combination skin; this may not be the foundation type for you. Even the little amount of oil in a water-based foundation can show shine almost immediately. In my case, I usually use a primer or a make-up base before applying this product to prolong the amount of time it takes before oiliness begins. You can also bring Oil blotting sheets with you wherever you go to prevent packing on powder on your face.

As for the smell, it really isn’t unpleasant. In fact, it smells a little bit like Coco butter! For some reason it makes me crave for muffins or cupcakes (weird right?!)

It comes in four colors: Natural, Beige, Gold, and Oriental. Initially, I got the Natural one, but I just found it too ashy and it made my face so white that I had to take extra time to blend. So, I tested the other colors and found that Beige was the perfect color for me.

It also comes in a 40 mL plastic container. I think it costs around 125-145 pesos. I’m not very sure, but it is definitely cheaper than the glass one. It weighs more and is travel-friendly but the down side is that the opening is a simple hole that’s very inconvenient to use. You actually have to tilt the container at an angle and let the product drip slowly, or you’ll end up squirting it everywhere! For me, it’s not such a huge problem, but for those who are very particular with their foundations, you might as well go for the glass one with the pump.

After finding Ever Bilena Pro Flawless Finish Foundation very satisfactory, I decided to check out their other face products and picked up their Studio Finish Stick Foundation. I was at the counter, trying out a few products on my hand when I found the consistency and coverage of the cream to powder foundation very promising. I immediately purchased it for 165 pesos. You might think it’s too much for a relatively small stick, but Lo’ and behold! I was in awe! The coverage was perfect for me. It was not too heavy, but it covered my moles, dark circles, redness, and freckles so well that I barely needed to conceal anything and my pictures didn’t need any editing or enhancing. It automatically earned a spot in my favies list. Here are the ingredients:

Mica, Mineral Oil, Caprylic, Polybutene, Squalane, Ceresin wax, Euphorbia Cerifera wax, Copernicia Cerifera wax, Talc, Tocopheryl acetate,  Methy Paraben, Fragrance, may contain CI 77891, CI77491, CI77492, CI15850

Ever Bilena Studio Finish Stick Foundation


Stick foundations are essentially cream-to-powder foundations in stick form. It has a very creamy, almost greasy, appearance. When you blend it, the creamy aspect disappears and you are left with a slightly matte, powdery finish. They work well for someone with normal to slightly dry or slightly combination skin. This type of foundation doesn’t require powdering after you apply it. If you want to apply powder, make sure you apply it as lightly as possible to avoid a caked, heavy look.

It comes in 5 colors: Creme, Bare, Beige, Meil, Soleil. I got the Creme one since it suits my warm skin tone with a bit of yellow undertone. Beige would most probably suit morenas. Meil would be good for those darker than common morenas. Bare would most likely fit cool skin tones that have a peachy,pinkish undertone. I find Soleil to be the darkest color.

After getting satisfied yet again, I was pretty much “foundation hopping” from one product to the next. I figured I can check out their foundation line that has UV protection, since Summer is fast approaching, and we all know what that means. I tried their Shine Free Foundation with UVA/UVB Protection for only 100 pesos and wanted to know if it really WAS Shine free.



I have to say that this product is quite promising. It has light coverage. It doesn’t really cover blemishes well, so you need to conceal. But it gives you a very sheer, natural finish so you won’t look overdone. It’s great for everyday wear, since it gives you a very fresh finish! It works better with powder blush and highlighters. It easily dries up on your face and looks matte.

It has 4 colors: Natural, Soft Bisque, Oriental, Almond. I got the one in soft bisque because it’s a light color with a pinkish tone to it that gives my skin that healthy glow. There’s barely any difference between Natural and Almond, but Oriental has a yellow undertone.

Just like the Pro flawless finish foundation, it’s water-based so it’s suitable for normal to dry skin.

The last foundation I tried from ever Bilena is their Advance Two-way Cake foundation. I got it for 200 pesos. I seriously don’t understand why it’s more expensive than all the other foundations I’ve tried. I was never a fan of powder foundations because it usually made me break out. It’s actually very ironic since powder foundations would be perfect for oily skin. I wanted to try this out because I was experimenting. I guess the whole “foundation hopping” extravaganza got me carried away. I found it very challenging to use this product due to the sponge applicator. I also found that using a powder brush was not effective. I tried using a pressed powder puff and it did the job. I guess that means I have to go hunt for another puff just for this product!

First of all, powder foundations are just like pressed powder, except they have heavier coverage. It stays on for the most part of the day without fading, caking, or disappearing. It should be easy to use, but for some reason, it’s not so effective on me. Maybe I’m meant to get the Advance Powder foundation. The only reason I didn’t get it was because it was a bit more expensive than the two-way cake one and the SA explained that the only difference was that it had sunscreen and the container was “prettier” bad decision! Now I am planning to get the other one. Boo.

Let’s hope that this product will redeem itself. I just wanted to mention this product since it’s still relevant to the topic on hand.


So those are the Ever Bilena foundations I have tried. I hope I have helped somehow. I know how difficult it can be to choose the perfect foundation. It’s very crucial to achieving the perfect look. Just take note that before you begin your search; you need to identify your skin type.

These products may have been satisfactory for me, but they may not be for you. We all have different preferences, but one thing I can say is that they did not make me break out, which is definitely a good thing. A minor downside to them may be their shine-free abilities. Maybe it’s my skin, maybe it’s the weather, but I am still on the hunt for the perfect, perfect foundation for me! I know it’s out there. But meanwhile, it wouldn’t hurt to play around with these awesome products 🙂

  1. Alice (Reply) on Monday 7, 2011

    I like them all, but there was this one foundation that I don’t like. I think its the ever bilena shine free foundation. My friend bought one and tried to use it. I remember her shade was oriental and it actually made her skin look so oily and darker.

    I thought maybe that happened because she didn’t apply it correctly, but then I bought one for myself, and had the same effect, I used a foundation brush to apply it…

    I love ever bilena but I think the shine free foundation is not for me… great review ! 🙂

    • maricarljanah (Reply) on Monday 7, 2011

      All Ever Bilena liquid foundations are water-based so they’re really a bad pick for those with oily skin 🙂

      I’m on the hunt for the perfect foundation for me!

      • Nicabacsal_21 (Reply) on Monday 7, 2011

        i just wanna ask which is the best liquid foundation of ever bilena?  the shine free or the pro flawless?tnx!!!

  2. anythingyummy (Reply) on Monday 7, 2011

    awesome review! 😀 i will try their foundations soon 🙂 however, I know I have oily skin eeek >,< oh well, i would still want to try it. but do you have any suggestions as to what brand i should consider? thanks janah

  3. shopcoholic (Reply) on Monday 7, 2011

    just found your blog… nice reviews! the stick foundation looks promising =) btw, you kinda look like devon aoki..

    • maricarljanah (Reply) on Monday 7, 2011

      Hey! I’m reading some entries from your blog right now! I love your page. I love Pink! Awww, I’ve been told that I look like her a few times but most of the time they say I look like Charice :))

  4. Sweet (Reply) on Monday 7, 2011

    hey gorgeous dear!!! I love the review…I miss the prodcuts from Ever Bilena I am a big fan of their eye liner in college…


    • maricarljanah (Reply) on Monday 7, 2011

      You’re right! Their eye liners are pretty decent. But I am still searching for a super, super black eyeliner 🙁

  5. Aya (Reply) on Monday 7, 2011

    Very nice review! This makes me want to try EB foundations!

    Following you now 😀

  6. Elaine (Reply) on Monday 7, 2011

    New rss subscriber here! 🙂 Wow great review. I think you may have just changed my mind about Ever Bilena. Quick question, in your photo before the Miss UP client, what lipstick are you using? 🙂

    • maricarljanah (Reply) on Monday 7, 2011

      Heyy, thanks! I’m wearing ELF Lip Stain in “Birthday Suit” It’s a lip stain on one end and a gloss on the other side. You can get it for 249 pesos 🙂

  7. Hollie (Reply) on Monday 7, 2011

    hi there,
    I read your post on michelle’s blog, also saw you commented on shopcoholic’s blog. Love your review. I actually like the Ever Bilena Pro Flawless Finish Foundation in Glass with the pump. Because of your review I’ll definitely give that stick foundie a try.

    By the way sis, are you Cebuana as well? do check out my blog if you have the time.

    • maricarljanah (Reply) on Monday 7, 2011

      Yes, I am Cebuana! I will check out your blog now 🙂

      • Hollie (Reply) on Monday 7, 2011

        thanks for subscribing sis. by the way, I picked up the Pure Beauty soothing BB cream at Ayala cebu branch, but I found new stocks at SM city department store beauty section when I went there last week. you might want to check it out.

        also, I followed you on twitter as redberryaha

        • maricarljanah (Reply) on Monday 7, 2011

          Thank you so much! I’m importing my blog to my very own site soon so I hope you will still follow me there. I will be blogging about it soon. I accepted you and followed you back. OMG! I’m so glad I have a lot of people to ask about make-up products that are locally available 🙂

  8. Alice (photoescape) (Reply) on Monday 7, 2011

    hey girl! I have an award for you…kindly check my site for the details


  9. lytz_ever (Reply) on Monday 7, 2011

    elow dear… jaz wanna ask anu b tlagga ung bb cream? sori di k tlaga alam!!

    • maricarl-janah bantulan (Reply) on Monday 7, 2011

      It’s a famous cream from Korea. It treats your skin as well as covers blemishes like a foundation does 🙂

  10. lytz_ever (Reply) on Monday 7, 2011

    love ol ur vids in you tube.. a very young make up artist!! i wanna try the eb long lasting foundation nxt tym!!

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  12. Mariz Dacanay (Reply) on Monday 7, 2011

    I want to try Eb, but my mom tells me not to use it 🙁
    She told me back in her days, there was a controversy about Eb having mercury as its ingredients. I’m not so sure… but that’s what my mom told me.. Butt I don’t know..
    Is it really good? 🙂

    • maricarl-janah bantulan (Reply) on Monday 7, 2011

       I have been using it on myself and on clients including my friends…so far, they haven’t suffered any allergic reaction or anything related to harmful substances. I like it 🙂

  13. KYIEER GAGA (Reply) on Monday 7, 2011

    hi! i’m a fan of your make up reviews and what i adore most is that your telling if it’s good for all the skin types like me, i have an oily skin and now trying to find a good, cheap, and student’s budget friendly that has a full coverage. hope you’ll have a review for oily skin. Thank you 🙂

    • Janah 'Theshiznit' (Reply) on Monday 7, 2011

       I have oily skin as well. I use the Ever Bilena Stick foundation or the two way cake that comes in a black round container, not the white rectangle one.

  14. Shang (Reply) on Monday 7, 2011

    hi there!i have the pro flawless finish foundation, when i take pics without the flash it looks pretty good but when i take it with the flash on, my face looked really cakey and white and i’m only putting one coat,can you help me?thanks!:) 

    • Janah 'Theshiznit' (Reply) on Monday 7, 2011

      Perhaps the foundation color is too light on you. Also, when you put liquid foundation on, let it set for about 5 minutes before setting it with powder. Cakiness usually appears when you use powder foundation. Try loose powder instead. I hope this helps.

  15. Anne_091190 (Reply) on Monday 7, 2011

    HI. Im also a fan of your make up reviews on youtube, hehe also madame ako nbabasa dito s blog mo mga reviews esp. this the EB foundations i would like to try the Shine Free Foundation i think this will fit my skin mas lalo pa nkakapute soft bisque din gusto ko. i think EB products are really good naman tlaga ung EB Concealers mo din nabasa q. thanks to all ur reviews :))

  16. JAY~HEy (Reply) on Monday 7, 2011

    Hey!! just checked out your blog and review and I love it!! 🙂 but sis can you give me some tips cause I’ve been picking up the wrong shades of foundation and I was kinda interested on this ever bilena pro flawless foundation but I think im more on the yellow undertone I guess but what kind of shade do you think will fit and im kinda morena 😉
    THANK U^^ and I love your blog! 🙂

  17. asyanutle (Reply) on Monday 7, 2011

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