A Review on Too Faced Natural at Night

Too Faced Natural at Night palette is one of the many eye shadow sets from the brand. Product description from the brand itself can be found below:


$35.00 at Sephora

What it is:
A collection of nine matte, shimmer, and glitter shadows that add after-hours glamour to any natural look.

What it does:
This sultry, nighttime version of Too Faced’s bestselling Natural Eye Collection intensifies your evening makeup. An array of seductive shadows will take your look from sundown to night-on-the-town. Three highly blendable textures add instant after-hours glamour to any natural look.

This set contains:
– 3 x 0.07 oz Eye Shadow in Full Moon, Night Light, Spotlight
– 6 x 0.03 oz Eye Shadow in Nightcap, Cocoa Star, After Hours, Eclipse, Moon Stone, Night Fever
– 3 x how-to cards



It was rated 4.4 out of 5 on Sephora.com with a total of 68 reviews. I find it interesting because it’s very rare for consumers to give ratings very close to the perfect.

I’ve had this palette for almost a month, but I haven’t had the chance to harass it as much as I want to because I haven’t been going out. Plus, I’m going for brighter looks on my eyes these days, which this palette obviously does not provide.


This flap has a slot on the right that contains the 3 tutorial cards

The packaging is very appealing. I think it looks very classic and feminine. The colors remind me of Urban Decay Naked and NYX Nude on Nude palette. I guess it’s a marketing strategy of some sort. I also like the size of this palette because you can practically carry it around with you anywhere you go. It’s not bulky at all.

I really like the idea of inserting tutorial cards because it’s a great way to jump-start on a look . A lot of looks can arise from trying the three looks the company provided. It’s also a great guide for beginners.

Eye shadow Color combination

I love the color combination! They are very sultry and earthy, just like the label on the packaging claims. I think they are perfect for day and night looks, which is very convenient. However, with the nine eye shadows provided, it can be easy to run out of looks. There’s only so much combinations you can make. But, if you are the type of person who doesn’t necessarily need different looks for every day, then that won’t be much of an issue.

Consistency of the Eye shadows

The first two eye shadows Full Moon and Night Light are a bit powdery for me. They have a tendency to fall out when I apply them on my lid. But the rest of them are very easy to work with. They blend easily without any hassle whatsoever. It’s almost as creamy to the brush as the Wet & Wild eye shadows.

Color Pay-off

Aside from Full Moon and Night Light, the eye shadows are very pigmented. You don’t need a lot on your brush to get the color on your lids. I suggest dabbing your brush just a little but on the products, especially when you are going for a blending or crease color. For the two sheer eye shadows, it’s best to pack them on to your brush and use a cream base or primer before applying them.


That’s it for my review. I actually have a video about this, so if you want to check it out, feel free to do so! I’ve compared it to a Wet & Wild Trio and the NYX Nude on Nude eye shadow palette that I also reviewed a few months ago.


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