A Two-in-one Bronzed Summer Look


When I think about Summer, I think of one word: HOT!

By this, I mean two things: extremely hot weather and hot bodies at the beach.

At times I also think… Boracay!

The latter always makes me  uncomfortable because I’m pressured to get that “Beach-ready” body.

I think of crash diets, work outs, or the perfect two-piece that complements my body. So, in the end…I trash the idea of going to the beach altogether.

YES. That is how committed I am to NOT exercise. I know, I know, it will be the death of me.

But what I lack in physique I compromise with make-up.

Instead of walking around with a bikini on; why not chill by the beach and revel in the beautiful view provocatively displayed in front of you as you sip that cold glass of Four Seasons?

I make myself feel a little less pissed at the weather and cheat all the girls laying on the sand with a glowing, healthy-looking, bronze face!

Plus, what’s Summer without a set of memorable partying nights with friends, meeting strangers and potential lovers? Snag that hottie with a subtle shift from day to night make-up

It’s very simple. Just follow these quick, easy steps:

  • For women with oily skin, don’t forget to cleanse, tone, and moisturize. Make sure you use sun screen with at least spf 15. You can try the Myra-E Daily Sun Protect facial moisturizer enriched with Vitamin E
  • You can also use tinted moisturizers to give color to your face. I used ELF tinted moisturizer. They come in different shades that you can choose from. Make sure that you get a color a tone darker than your skin tone so you won’t look like an oompa loompa!

  • Tinted moisturizers barely have coverage. So, if you have blemishes, use a concealer that matches the tone of the moisturizer. I used DollFace Cosmetics’ 15 pc color correcting concealer palette because it displays a variety of shades to choose from. It also comes in a cream form which is perfect for blemishes.

  • To get rid of the unwanted shine, set your face with loose powder. Loose powder feels lighter on the face and dusts oily areas instead of covering your entire face with powder. So, your face won’t end up looking too made up or worse, cakey. Make sure to concentrate on the T-zone. I get oily pretty fast and break out in this area so I pay special attention to it. I used Fashion 21 Loose Powder in no. 6 which costs P175.00 only.

  • Lightly fill in your brows and create a perfect arch. A key to any look is a good frame for the eyes. I used In2it’s Brow Kit because it has three shades to choose from which is very convenient and versatile. You can get it for P299.00 at the In2it counter.

  • Now it’s time to give your skin that healthy looking Bronzed Glow! You can use a variety of bronzers. I used ELF Blusher and Bronzer Palette that looks like this:

Since it’s a Studio line, it costs P249.00, so you can also use these alternatives for an on the spot buy:

  • Careline Blush in Morena Star which costs P80.00 & Careline Mineral Blush Duo in no. 2 which costs P95.00

The swatches on the left are the Morena Star and the Mineral Blush, while on the right side, I swatched the ELF bronzer and Blusher.

  • You can also use the DollFace Cosmetics 42 shimmer eye shadow with blush palette since it includes two bronzers.

Sorry this palette fell that’s why it looks so icky-ugly 😛

  • Apply the bronzer on your face using a “number 3” stroke; going from your temples to the hollows of your cheek, to your jaw-line. Make sure to do this evenly and blend it all the way to your hairline.Most bronzers are shimmery, so be careful not to use too much, or else you’ll look like a walking Buddha. believe me, I’ve seen it.
  • After applying the bronzer, I chose to add more glow to it using my Black Radiance Bronzer and Highlighting cream. I used the bronzer and applied it on top of the powder because I wanted the sheen to come through.

  • Then, I applied the blush. I love how it has gold shimmer embedded in the pigment, so it gives you a very healthy shimmer. I topped it off with a bit of the highlighter from the Black Radiance Duo just at the top of the cheekbone.
  • To add more highlight to the face, because remember, we want to look healthy-glowing, not ugly-oily; I used my Bichun eyeshadow in no. 24 which is a simple frosted white eye shadow just to highlight my nose, cupid’s bow, chin and around my eyebrows.
  • For the eyes, I used my Belleza single eye shadows in Coral reef & Vine.

  • I used Coral Reef all over my lid and applied Vine on my crease area, making sure I blend out the harsh lines and make the look very subtle on the eyes.
  • I then used my Beauty Treats eye shadow & Blush palette and applied the third eye shadow to the right on top of the Coral reef in the inner part of my lids.

  • Then I used my Ever Bilena 12 shadow palette which contains a variety of complementary eye shadows. I picked out the brown eye shadow and used it to line my upper and lower lash line.

  • Then, I curled my lashes and applied 3 different types of mascaras. yes, ladies…three! I used a primer, a volumizer, and a separator.

  • Use natural-looking false lashes if you want to wear one. I have super thin lashes, so I really need to use them.
  • For the lips, I used LA Colors Lip liner in Mauve.

So that’s it for the natural look! Now for the Glam-vava-voom loook!

  • I simply used my Ever Bilena 12 shadow palette and picked out these colors:

  • I applied the muted gold eyeshadow on top of the vine eye shadow on my crease, then I defined my crease and added a playful color to the eyes with the shimmery purple and used the Lilac eye shadow on my lower lash line.
  • I then used brown pencil liner all over my upper lash line to define my eyes and give a bit of a smokey effect to it. I also used the same brown pencil liner to tight-line my eyes.
  • I used black liquid liner over the base of the false lashes to conceal it.
  • I then used the bronzer from my Beauty treats palette and dusted it on top of my blush.
  • For the lips, I used Oseur moisturizing lipstick in Precious Jade on top of the mauve to add color to my deep subtle lips.

And we’re done with the look! Here are a few pictures I took after I did my make-up.

So that is my two-in-one bronzed Summer Look. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I loved writing about it. Please check out my tutorials on my YouTube channel.

Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and of course, this site, to keep updated of my new posts.

Thank you once again, and have a great Summer!

  1. Donnarence (Reply) on Saturday 16, 2011

    hi maricarljanah!! missed your vids.. finally you have time to upload.. take care of yourself and do not stressed yourself that much.. i also made a bronzed look wow.. and i also used the elf duo blush and bronzer and my 42 stack palette (oh mine was the matte one ) the gold shimmery bronzer in this palette is gorg!!! love the look.. <3

    • Anonymous (Reply) on Saturday 16, 2011

      Yeah, finally! After a full week. I subscribed to your blog…did you do a video tutorial? 🙂

  2. Donnarence (Reply) on Saturday 16, 2011

    hi maricarljanah!! missed your vids.. finally you have time to upload.. take care of yourself and do not stressed yourself that much.. i also made a bronzed look wow.. and i also used the elf duo blush and bronzer and my 42 stack palette (oh mine was the matte one ) the gold shimmery bronzer in this palette is gorg!!! love the look.. <3

  3. lytz_ever (Reply) on Saturday 16, 2011

    so tinted moisturizer is the alternative of foundation? i wanna try it.. and the beauty treats blushes…

    • Anonymous (Reply) on Saturday 16, 2011

      It’s not an alternative because it does not have the coverage that a foundation has. It’s simple a moisturizer with color.

      • lytz_ever (Reply) on Saturday 16, 2011

        aw.. haha i went to sm today and i got the tinted moisturizer in spice ata.. kz im morena and i u said o tone darker s color m mismo.. so xcited akong itry bukas lol.. and finish it wid my loose powder.. un lng b un? thanks…

        • Anonymous (Reply) on Saturday 16, 2011

          Yay! I hope it works for you. Yep, a tone darker to look bronzed. Just make sure you don’t look TOO dark and use a great bronzer. I hope you can show me how it looks like 🙂

  4. lytz_ever (Reply) on Saturday 16, 2011

    i got my coral lipstick in nichido… do u think it wud compliment the look?

    • Anonymous (Reply) on Saturday 16, 2011

      Any coral lipstick would look great with a bronzed look 🙂

  5. Michelle (Reply) on Saturday 16, 2011

    I love how you use affordable products! 🙂

    • Anonymous (Reply) on Saturday 16, 2011

      Thanks! That’s what I always aim for 🙂

  6. Elaine Yeung (Reply) on Saturday 16, 2011

    Wow! I’m in love with the ELF duo and the Careline duo! I like the Belleza eyeshadows as well, where can I get those? 😀 I really love this look!

    • Anonymous (Reply) on Saturday 16, 2011

      You can get the Belleza individual eye shadows from Diana Agbi of United Imports Trade. Check out my Birthday Haul post for the link. They cost 80 pesos only 🙂

  7. April Hollie (Reply) on Saturday 16, 2011

    I’ll definitely check out that Careline Duo… I love this look! I might as well try to make a bronzed look for summer…hehe

    • Anonymous (Reply) on Saturday 16, 2011

      Check out the other shades! I think this duo will work well with you including the lighter shade blush because of your skin tone. It doesn’t come up on mine coz it’s too light, but I love the bronze one! I love how it’s only 95 pesos 😀

  8. Riza (Reply) on Saturday 16, 2011

    i love this tutorial 🙂

    • Anonymous (Reply) on Saturday 16, 2011

      Thank you Riza 🙂

  9. Anonymous (Reply) on Saturday 16, 2011

    niiiiice janah! =)