A Woman’s Travel Essentials

Travel essentials?

What does that even mean? I have traveled quite a few times in my lifetime, but I have to say that the trips I’ve been to these past few weeks have been the smoothest. I believe I owe it all to proper packing and bringing along with me my travel essentials. These are things that I personally think are necessities when traveling. You want to maximize space, save money, and be prepared for whatever situation you might find yourself in.

I used to just bring whatever, and place them in any container or bag I could get my hands on. Space was not an issue. The strategy was to just shove them in every corner I could find.

This time, I wanted things to be different. As a sign of pseudo-maturity, I wanted to have everything I needed and might need, with me, for future use.

It took me a month to find the right kind of bags, and the list of products to bring with me.

So, I want to share a few tips with you ladies, so you can pack with ease and survive any trip you’re going on.

  1. Make a list of the things you need to bring with you. Classify them according to use. For example: Toiletries, Body Care, Hair Care, etc. By doing this, you can be organized and you will find out which items you lack.
  2. Get everything in travel size. You don’t have to buy travel-sized products; you can always get empty containers and take portions of your shampoo, conditioner, lotion, or cologne and label them accordingly.
  3. Bring medicine with you. examples are anti-emetics, aspirin, paracetamol, anti-histamine, and the likes, just in case you start feeling a little off and there’s no pharmacy in the vicinity.
  4. Place all your gadgets in one pouch and the wires in another. This will allow you to have one access point when you look for your camera, iPod, or their corresponding USB connectors, instead of flipping over your luggage or bag just to find it.
  5. Bag organizers are the greatest inventions ever. Invest in a good one! It will really make your life so much easier.
  6. Make sure your hand carry bag has all the important documents and identification cards you will need at the airport or terminal. Place your money and cards in a subtle pouch that is durable and handy. Something like this pouch would be handy for international travel.
  7. Invest in good quality travel bags like these:
travel essentials


travel essentials

These travel bags take up minimal space and can hold up a lot of items. I got them for very affordable prices. Let’s check out what I placed inside each bag.

travel essentials bag

At the top compartment I have the following items:

  • Alcohol
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Facial tissue
  • Cotton pledgets in a zip-lock plastic
  • Loofah
  • pouch with hair tie, hair pins, and comb

You can definitely buy travel packs containing these already, but why spend money when you have them in your bathroom already! Just take the time to re-pack them.

At the bottom compartment I have the following items:
  • Skin Care products: Facial Cleanser & Toner, Moisturizer
  • Cotton balls in a resealable plastic
  • Body Lotion
  • Hand cream
  • Pouch with daily pads and tampons (in case of emergency)
This is my toiletry bag. Inside, I place everything I use when I take a bath.
First compartment:
  • Shampoo
  • conditioner
  • wide tooth comb
Second compartment:
  • Body scrub
  • Body cream
  • shaver
Third compartment:
  • Facial wash
  • toothbrush & toothpaste
  • crest strips
  • deodorant

Other sanitary items like wet wipes, hand lotion, napkins (just in case) and contact lens case with solution are placed in my carry-on bag for easy access. I also placed my wallet, a handy notepad, pen, mirror, and sunglasses inside my bag because I know I will be reaching out for them the most.

If you have medications or vitamins, just place them in a pillbox that has the morning, noon, afternoon, and night compartments so you have more than the usual one to two weeks pill box when you will be away from home for more than 3 weeks. As for my make-up, I had to place them in a separate bag.

So that’s how I packed my things for my trip. It’s very easy and mostly involves organizing. I went through so much just to figure this out, and I know that probably makes me a little late in the game, but I just wanted to reach out to those who are struggling when it comes to packing. I honestly hope this has been helpful! To see the products up close, just check out my How to Pack Your Travel Essentials video on my channel.

I’ll talk to you in my next post, hopefully it would be another installment for my Concealers review.

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