Coastal Scents Brow Set

A glance at the Coastal Scents Brow Set

I bought the Coastal Scents Brow Set along with the Coastal Scents Blush Too palette. If you haven’t read my post on that incredible blush palette, then click here and it will open a new tab for you to check after this post.

The objective was to find a brow palette that I can also use as neutral eye shadows for blending and crease application. I wanted something handy instead of rummaging through my big palettes when I’m doing someone else’s makeup or even my own.

When I saw the shades of browns in the Coastal Scents Brow Set, I knew I had to get it. It had both warm and cool toned browns that fit the most common skin tones and hair color. It offered variety and I presumed that the eyeshadows will have great pigmentation.

Coastal Scents Brow Set details:

  • It is available at
  • It retails for only $8.95 but is currently down to $6.27!
  • It includes the following: 1 empty Magnetic Palette: 4 Piece, 4 hand-selected individual eye shadows, and 1 classic angled liner medium synthetic brush
  • The individual eye shadows are: Oatmeal Tan, Timeless Taupe, Chocolatier, Light Taupe

The set came in a very cute pouch and were individually packed.


Coastal Scents Brow Set



These are the 4 eye shadows included in the Coastal Scents Brow Set:



Coastal Scents Brow Set



I tried my best to capture the real colors of these eye shadows. I didn’t want flash, or even the slightest brightness/contrast effect to overcome the shades so you can really see how they will look like in real life. This is as close as I could get. Mind you, it took a bunch of shots and different position changes to achieve this (lol)

As for swatches, I only used one swipe for each shade and this is how they appear on the skin:


Coastal Scents Brow Set swatches



I’m sure you can tell that the two on the left are more on the cool side while the ones on the right are more warm. That’s exactly what I wanted and of course I was very pleased.

This is how everything looks like put together:


Coastal Scents Brow Set swatches



The Coastal Scents brow set palette features a beautiful, chic look, and the mirror is perfect! I was also pleasantly surprised when I saw that the brush was a full sized one. I assumed it would be a travel-sized angled brush since it’s part of the set.

Generally, who can really beat this deal? The Coastal Scents brow set takes value for your money to a whole different level. The brush itself is roughly $2-$3 and the hot pots are $2 each, plus the palette is probably less than $10. You get all of these for $8.95, but if you can still catch the $6.27 deal, then great! That’s even better.

I will be posting about another brow set available at Walmart which you may or may not have heard of yet, so if you want to be updated about that, don’t forget to subscribe to my blog. And don’t forget to check out my post on the Coastal Scents Blush Too palette. As I’ve mentioned in that post, this is part of my birthday haul which I will be making a video for as soon as I can. So, subscribe to my YouTube channel if you haven’t yet.

Thank you for reading this and I hope this has been informative. Don’t hesitate to comment below if you have any questions or concerns. I’ll see you on my next post!

PS: Here’s my Birthday Haul!

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