Eden Allure Organic Argan Oil

Eden Allure Organic Argan Oil: Vanity with a Cause

My beauty philosophy has changed in the past three to four years I’ve been a beauty enthusiast. I am now an avid user and believer of using cruelty-free, all-natural, or organic products. But above all, I have come to value companies that give back, those that are meaningful. That is what Eden Allure Organic Argan Oil is about.

Their products are so affordable compared to popular brands that have been raved about in various articles in magazines, YouTube beauty community, and other social media. But they produce pure organic Argan oil for face and hair straight from Morocco. Their products are fairly traded; doing this allows women in Morocco gain better access to health care, education, and over-all, improve their standard of living. Argan oil is one of the few industries controlled by women co-ops in Morocco.

You might be wondering, what is different about Eden Allure organic Argan oil? Well, they are one of the few companies that markets pure refined and deodorized Argan oil. Eden Allure organic argan oil is deodorized to remove the nutty odor that many people find offensive, and are refined for purification.

Upon introduction, I was immediately sold! I have been meaning to try Argan oil for quite some time because it has been so popular; mainly Argan oil for hair, Argan oil for face, and of course some use it on nails, especially the cuticles. This was the best opportunity. Below are the products I received for review purposes.

eden allure organic argan oil


As seen above, I have tried the Eden Allure Beauty Bar with Grapefruit and the Eden Allure Pure Argan Oil in a 1 fl. Oz. bottle. They are both incredibly affordable. The former is only $8.00 while the latter is only $18.00, but you can get a bigger 2.2 fl. Oz. bottle for $30.00 only.

The beauty bar does not melt right away. It’s very resilient to water exposure and glides on the skin smoothly. I have been using this for the Winter time when my skin tends to get drier and I have noticed a difference, especially my legs. They’re usually very dry despite applying lotion day and night, but now, I love gliding my hands over them because they’re smooth to the touch.

As for the Pure Argan Oil, I use it to moisturize my face at night. I also use it on the tips of my hair when it gets too dry, and on my scalp right after showering. I’m not the only one using this as well. My husband seems to love applying it on his hair while brushing. He says it’s very moisturizing, but not greasy like the baby oil he usually uses (He has kinky hair lol)

There are other products available for purchase, like the Eden Allure Argan Oil Organic soap with Lavender or gift sets. It’s the perfect time to check out the Eden Allure website and get your loved ones their gifts of pure, refined, deodorized Argan oil for the holidays! Think of all the women you are helping while purchasing too! It’s the season of giving, so take advantage of Eden Allure!

Thank you for constantly visiting my blog and for taking the time to read my posts about these amazing products by amazing companies. I will see you, hopefully soon, in a video over on my YouTube channel. Thank you again for reading!

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