Magazine Look: Smoky Eyes & Hot Pink Lips

Before anything else, I’d like to say that this look is better off with nude or toned down lips because of the heavy eye make-up. But since we are going for the Magazine or Photo-shoot look, then let’s just get on with what the picture shows.

The main thing about a Kim Kardashian Look is the face. She is flawless, with perfect eyebrows, cheekbones, and lips. I am no Kardashian, but let’s try our best to achieve her look shall we?

I used minimal products. For the face, I used Ever Bilena Pro Flawless Finish Foundation in Beige to generally cover my blemishes. Then, I used my Ever Bilena Advance Studio Finish Stick Foundation in Creme to further conceal any imperfections like the dark circles under my eyes, pimple scars, chicken pox scars, etc. I am using a cream foundation for concealing because of the thick consistency that allows for better coverage without packing too much product.

Highlighting isn’t one of Kim’s favorite things to do when it comes to her make-up. She usually goes for the matte look, so we will set our foundation with powder. I patted my Ever Bilena Cake Foundation in Tender Honey over the oily areas like the T-zone and my cheeks, It will also cover any open pores.

For the eyebrows, Kim Kardashian has thick defined brows, thicker than Megan Fox! So I used my In2it eyebrow kit, Fashion 21 eyebrow pencil, and ELF eyebrow Kit which has the wax and eyebrow powder. To get thick eyebrows, refer to my friend Noe’s tutorial here

Now it’s time for the eyes. Apply a primer to prevent any smudging and to allow your eye shadows to really pop. Instead of repeatedly applying product and rubbing it on the lid, primers will intensify it and it will also increase the staying power of the make-up.

To be honest, you don’t need much. All you have to get are three simple shades: black, gray, and white. You can try to play with colors like in the picture, Kim is using a bit of Auburn, Ebony, and Gray, but since I wanted the look to be duplicated by more people, I chose colors that are very basic and available. You can either use the ELF Get the Look Smoky Eyes Quad or you can use the Ever Bilena 12 shades eyeshadow set which I commonly use in my tutorials. It looks like this:



Then, you will need pigments. You can get individual pigments by Asian Brands or local brands like Careline. I am using the Kiss Beauty Pigments set that I reviewed in one of my videos. If you are not familiar, then check it out here. I used the gray and white pigments.

It would be difficult and confusing to teach you how to do the eyes using words, so click here to watch my tutorial. After doing my eyes, I simply contoured my face with my handy, dandy Careline Blush in Morena Star and skipped using blush.

For the lips, I lined it with my Ever Bilena Advance lip liner. You can totally skip this step, I merely did it to stick with the concept of perfect lips, since mine are a bit weird in shape!

I used my favorite Hot Pink lipstick from Oseur which is the no. 09 which I completely raved about in my blog about my Top 10 Favorite Lipsticks.

So those are the products I used for the look. Here are the close up pictures:

Whoa, Sorry for bombarding you with loads of pictures! Well, here is a cool stream where my boyfriend edited a picture of mine and made it into something magazine-ish. It’s pretty cool! Thanks to him and his Photoshop skills, I guess? (har.)


That’s it guys! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. I have to say the video for this is definitely an achievement. I swear it’s my first ever 6-minute make-up tutorial (I am patting myself in the back!)

If you missed it the first time I linked it in the blog post, here it is! Enjoy 😀

  1. Hazel (Reply) on Friday 20, 2011

     fierce look! lovet!! 🙂

  2. Joice (is Great) (Reply) on Friday 20, 2011

    you should’ve lessen the smokes… the eyes looked too dark which isn’t the case in kim’s photo. but nonetheless you are really beautiful=)

  3. diana (Reply) on Friday 20, 2011

    I think you needed to blend a bit more..