My 10 Favorite Lipsticks


If you follow my YouTube channel, Twitter, and blog you’re probably aware that I collect them.

I’d  like to quote myself once again:

If make-up was porn; lipsticks are my fetish.

I’ve been wanting to share my top 10 lipsticks; however, I had to take the time and use my recent purchases and see if I like them. Lo and behold, I do, and so I am here…about to share my stash.

I’m pretty sure you have at least one of these, especially the locally available ones. So, tell me what you think of them? Do you love them as much as I do?

Let’s start with my Ever Bilena Matte Lipsticks.

Ever Bilena is a Philippine Cosmetic Brand that sells a variety of make-up products. My favorite from them is their lipsticks. They sell for P135.00 each and are well worth the money.

There was a time they sold it for P99.00 to get rid of old stock and made people believe that they were phasing them out so consumers would “panic buy”

That was pretty lame. I was one of the victims! I don’t regret it though. I got so much lipsticks and I love each and every one. If you’re interested in watching the video where I ranted about it, click here.

  • For my baby pink or doll pink lipstick, my favorite is Offbeat Pink. It’s such a sweet color! But I am eying a few shades of baby pink right now and they’re from a US brand. Who knows, I might have to say goodbye to it.
  • For my nude pink lipstick, I adore the Mauvey! I think most, if not all, love this color as well. I think it is very versatile and it can look great on any skin tone.

  • For my red lipstick, my favorite shade is Scarlet, which is an orange toned red that suits all skin types. I think it flatters me most. If you want to see how it looks like on me, just watch this video.


Now, let’s move on to the Oseur Lipsticks that I have recently discovered.

It’s actually a Taiwan-based Cosmetic Line under a mother company called Universal Cosmetic Co. Ltd. As of now, I only know two areas where you can get these amazing lipsticks and that’s at Gaisano Metro in downtown Cebu and Gaisano Fiesta Mall in Talisay City. You can find a few limited editions online, but there is no online shop for it.

They are highly pigmented, have great staying power, and they don’t make my lips crack considering the fact that some of them are matte.

The most amazing thing about these lipsticks are the pigmentation it offers despite the price. They only cost P39.00, P72.00, and P88.00!

I know, ridiculous, right?

So these are my favorites:

  • My favorite hot pink lipstick is the Oseur Lipstick in no. 09. If you want to see how it looks like on me, just check this vlog.


  • I just love this lavender Pink lipstick that I purchased because of a YouTuber who said she really bought Oseur Lipsticks from Gaisano Fiesta Mall when she came here to Cebu because I raved about it so much. She mentioned about an Oseur lipstick in no. 04. I didn’t really get one before because for some reason, it didn’t catch my attention. But when I got my hands on them, I just had to buy one for myself and my mom. I love it!


  • My favorite nude lipstick is Needle in the Sea from the Blue water line. It is a color that not everyone might like, but I love it, especially when I top it off with my MZ Triple Effect lip gloss.

If you want to see a video of mine where I wore this lipstick combo, then just click here.

  • The last lipstick from Oseur is the Precious Jade which is a trendy coral pink color that I also love. I keep getting asked about it every time I wear it. I just had to buy one for my mom too.

This is a video of me wearing this lip color 🙂


For the random brands that would complete my Top 10, here they are:

  • Maybelline Water Shine Lipstick in B22 is a natural-looking lipstick that is quite sheer and has poor staying power, but, nevertheless, I love it simply because I get complimented ALL THE TIME when I wear it. I have to continuously reapply it though, which is a drag, but hey…I’m cool with it!

Here is a REALLY OLD video of a tutorial I did which used this lipstick color.

  • Rimmel in Balistic is a plum red color that I used to wear ALL THE TIME back in the day. I absolutely love how dark and bold the color is. It emphasizes my lips and requires no special attention on my eyes.

  • Artmatic Lipstick in no. 095 is my first ever eBay-purchased lipstick. I got it during my birthday last March and I completely fell in love with it. I already have a purple lipstick from Aido which I used for my Bold Lips tutorial; however, it was quite sheer. This one is very pigmented and has a pink tone to it so it’s not a creepy purple. That would look a bit off for me.

So, those are my Top 10 so far! I’m sure these will be changing as I encounter new products and shades of lipsticks, but the important thing is that I am able to share them with you.


If you are not satisfied with the pictures and video links I provided as a glimpse to how the lipsticks look like when worn, here are the swatches:

with flash


without flash

I hope this was informative enough for all of you. If you’re not sure about playing around with colors on your eyes just yet, then do it with lipsticks. It simply depends on how you wear it. You will look beautiful no matter what! It’s all about self-confidence!

To watch a video of me talking about these lipsticks and swatching them LIVE then watch my video.

Good luck everyone! 🙂

  1. Selectionsbyer (Reply) on Monday 2, 2011

    very informative 🙂 thanks Janah! btw, to rate: from 1-10 how would u rate the artmatic ones? thanks!


    • Anonymous (Reply) on Monday 2, 2011

      I would say 8 because it’s not locally available and the packaging isn’t sleek or attractive…at least the one I got! 🙂

  2. damnvixen (Reply) on Monday 2, 2011

    i love how you have variety of colors in your top 10.. i wouldve done mine in all reds.. ahahaha. i agree with you on ever bilena lippies people dont give the brand that much credit but its really what most filipinas use. as for oseur i have one that i find scary when it comes to staying power.. ^^

    • Anonymous (Reply) on Monday 2, 2011

      I know exactly what you mean about the staying power of Oseur! I love it because I hate reapplying lipstick! 😀

  3. Noreen_olib (Reply) on Monday 2, 2011

    nakiki in narin ako lol.. i alredi click the subs hir waaaa!! we had the same color from eb lipstick collection.. ganda tlaag ng mga colors nila.. nhihirapan lang ako kz chappy lips ako so in no tym e2 n agad ung mga skin n na ppell off. lol.. peo bumubili parin ako lol…

    • Anonymous (Reply) on Monday 2, 2011

      Try using Myra E lip balm! That’s what I’m using right now because I have the same problem with my lips too 🙂

  4. Razielle Anne (Reply) on Monday 2, 2011

    Ms. Janah, fake lan ba tlga yung “phase out” news about EB lippies? I tried to buy off beat pink knina, kaya lan sbi nun saleslady phase out n daw un sa lhat ng EB stores/stands… So sad coz I really really want to have that kind of pink lippies! 🙁

    • Anonymous (Reply) on Monday 2, 2011

      Really? I haven’t checked! I hope not… Why don’t you try other counters from another mall or something. That’s really sad 🙁

  5. April Hollie (Reply) on Monday 2, 2011

    it’s nice to know that you also love the maybelline watershine in B22! I love that lippie as well, I agree with every thing you said about it being too sheer not long lasting, but I just love how moisturizing and how natural my lips look with this. I also don’t mind reapplying again and again…hehe

  6. Anonymous (Reply) on Monday 2, 2011

    Love the shades! Esp. the pink Oseur! 🙂

    By the way, I tagged you Janah 🙂

  7. Anonymous (Reply) on Monday 2, 2011
  8. Nin Monster (Reply) on Monday 2, 2011

    I have Maybelline B22, too! And I wanna get EB in Off Beat Pink and Mauvey so I could experience them myself. Read a lot of rave reviews from the beauty bloggers! 😀

  9. Bea Costelo (Reply) on Monday 2, 2011

    where do you get the oseur lipsticks?

    • maricarljanah (Reply) on Monday 2, 2011

      You will find it at Gaisano Metro, Demelle, and Gaisano Fiesta Mall here in Cebu, and NCC mall (I think that’s the name) in Davao. Aside from those places, I don’t know where to get them.

  10. gigi (Reply) on Monday 2, 2011

    where do you get the oseur lipsticks?

  11. kate (Reply) on Monday 2, 2011

    i love ever bilena matte lipsticks..i like that “mauvey” too and the “skin” i also just bought “pink flame” i think it’s a great color..

  12. belle (Reply) on Monday 2, 2011

    Aw, I really want to try the Oseur brand but they don’t seem to have it here in Manila 🙁

  13. maricar (Reply) on Monday 2, 2011

    girl, i cant access the vid, but i like your blog 😀