My Top 10 Beauty Products

This is actually an award from Hollie of Random Beauty by Hollie and it’s called the Top 10 award. I believe I’ve received other awards before and I apologize for failing on making a post about it.

I just thought this was very interesting because it kind of comes off as a Holy Grail Post.

By the title, Top 10, I would assume that I should list products I have used for a long time, therefore, I can safely say that “I swear by them.”

I would love to share this with you, because I know how it feels when you have no idea where to begin when it comes to product hunting, whether it be for skin care, or make-up.

I’m not saying you SHOULD use these products. they may have worked well for me, but they might not be as effective on you. But I hope you enjoy the post nonetheless.

Top 10 Beauty Products

1. Eskinol Oil Control Dermaclear-C Facial Cleanser (pimple fighting)

135 mL retails for: P60.00-P90.00

It’s an excellent astringent type of toner that is also a cleanser for very oily skin types. It removes my make-up well without having to use a make-up remover, I avoid applying it around my eyes of course. Its pimple fighting action is also a plus!

2. Alaska Life Vitamin E Dietary Supplement

100 soft gels retail for: P150.00

If you want to read more on this, just check out my post about Vitamin E here.

3. Lander Advanced Skin Care Firming Lotion w/ Sea Kelp, Vit. A & E, and Sage

1 Liter retails for more or less: P100.00-P150.00

I have used it for years and it effectively moisturizes my skin without it feeling greasy. I also love its firming action. I hope you’re not thinking it will “tone” your body in a way, no, exercise does that. It simply allows my skin to feel a lot less flabby and it reduces cellulite development.

4. Garnier Brightening Eye Roll-on in Light

15 mL pen retails for: P299.00

I have used this since my college years and it effectively reduces darkening of my under eyes. A little goes a long way and the 15 ml size pen will last you a long time.

5. Myra E Vita-moisture Lip balm with Vit. E & SPF

retails for: P60.00

I have used a number of lip balms like Nivea, The Face Shop, Watsons, etc and I believe this is the only one that really took care of my chapped lips. I hate chapped lips because first, they are uncomfortable, second, it hurts when I peel them off, and lastly, It looks gross when I put lipstick on. I’ve noticed that if I forget to moisturize my lips with the Myra E lip balm, it automatically starts cracking. I would definitely recommend this not only because it works but it’s also very affordable.

6. Epilin Hairless Beauty for face & Body Hair Remover

Full size retails for: P230.00

It’s a 100% All-natural wax that can be used to remove hair on the face and body. It contains natural tree resin, natural beeswax, and vegetable oil. It has no chemicals, no colorants, and no fragrances. Whenever I don’t feel too lazy, I would always prefer to wax my underarms because the hair grows a lot finer, and it gets scarce. It also prevents darkening of the underarms that can be caused by shaving due to constant friction and trauma to the skin.

7. Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets

retails for about: P180.00-P200.00

Ever since I tried these oil blotting sheets, I have literally become obsessed with them. it’s such an amazing product and it truly rids my face of excess oil. I watched my face instantly mattify upon gently putting this over my t-zone. I know there are cheaper blotting sheets out there, but I just feel that this is the most effective for my skin.

8. ELF All Over Cover Stick in Apricot Beige

retails for: P129.00

No matter how many concealers I have tried, local or not, I still go back to this one. it’s an all around cover stick that has amazing coverage and very minimal caking effect. I use it on my under eyes, to cover any blemishes, and hyper-pigmentation. It blends well on my skin and is very easy to apply using the fingers or brush. Its shape and size is a major plus because it’s very convenient.

9. Myra E Shine free Face Powder Vitamin E enriched w/ SPF 15

retails for: P133.00

This is probably the most recent addition to my Holy Grail products. I used to use Johnson & Johnson’s face powder in white, but it became very obsolete and unflattering. I read  a lot of reviews about this one, and I have to say I am lucky to have discovered this. I’ve recommended it to my cousin and a few friends and so far, they are also loving it. It really mattifies my skin and the best part for me is the finish, It’s smooth, even, and it gives you the coverage of a foundation, without it looking too heavy on your face. You have to get rid of the oil on your face before applying this though because you’ll end up looking cakey, so be careful.

10.  The Face Shop Eyelash Adhesive

7 g retails for: P100.00-P200.00 (I think)

I used to be on the hunt for the perfect lash glue. I wanted to get my hands on a Lash Duo, but, alas! It’s not locally available. I was about to get my hands on Beauty Bar’s Lash Grip when I checked out The face Shop and got myself this. We used to have a LOVE-HATE relationship, but now that I have learned how to properly use it, I love it so much! It will literally last you the rest of your life, actually no, but maybe a quarter of it. I got it a year ago and it’s still full-looking. For an in-depth review of this, check out this blog post


So these are my Top 10 Beauty products. I put in a lot of thought into this post because i wanted to include the products that I truly swear by. I hope this has helped you in any way, and if you have any questions, feel free to contact me through my social widget, or comment below. I would love to hear your thoughts!

For the awarding, I believe more than half of the bloggers I know have already been awarded, so i guess I’ll just tag less than 10 people:

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I would LOVE to see your own Top 10 BPL! As in Beauty Products List! lol.

Have a great day lovelies!

Janah xo




  1. April Hollie (Reply) on Tuesday 19, 2011

    so many things that I want to try… now adding Alaska Life Vitamin E Dietary Supplement and Garnier Brightening Eye Roll-on in my to-buy list!

  2. Sweet Veloso (Reply) on Tuesday 19, 2011

    Oh my GOLLY time to check my beauty products now hahahah!!! here goes the old style products onli in the philippines style hahahha…will tag you once I post it…


  3. Anonymous (Reply) on Tuesday 19, 2011

    twinnie J! DM me your contact # na lang, need to ask you somthin impt :)) thanks!

  4. lil ole moi (Reply) on Tuesday 19, 2011

    I love TFS Eyelash Adhesive too! and the best part it’s super affordable! =)

  5. gianmaurin (Reply) on Tuesday 19, 2011

    Where to buy Epilin? 🙂

  6. sharina (Reply) on Tuesday 19, 2011

    Hi! Im Sharina from Bicol. May i know if where can i purchase alaska life natural vitamin e? Thanks.

  7. Scatterbraintures (Reply) on Tuesday 19, 2011

    Have you tried gatsby oil controlling sheets? They have a black film one and it’s my favorite. It doesn’t tug, and you don’t need to press too hard for the oil to absorb.

    • Maricarl-Janah (Reply) on Tuesday 19, 2011

      No I haven’t! Now that I’m here my skin seems to be a lot less oily 🙂

  8. Ehm (Reply) on Tuesday 19, 2011

    8. ELF All Over Cover Stick in Apricot Beige

  9. Ehm (Reply) on Tuesday 19, 2011

    where to buy “elf all over cover stick”?