Onecklace: High Quality Custom Jewelry

Custom jewelry is the way to go!

If you have been an avid follower of mine, you know how I love my custom jewelry. It’s the perfect kind of gift to give yourself, or your loved ones. I came across this new website called Onecklace and their custom jewelry products are so high quality! Each one even comes with its own beautiful gift box. It is so stinkin’ adorable, I wanna die! (not really)

Since I already have my Carrie-style necklace and sideways cross necklace, I was kind of confused which one to get. But I jumped with joy when I browsed through their selection. They have more variety AND they have a bar necklace! GAH. I have been wanting one ever since I was born. So here’s what I got.

onecklace custom jewelry


I decided that the best option is this 24K Gold Plated Bar Necklace with Two Names in a 22-inch chain. I know it’s cheesy that I got mine and the husband’s name on there, but because it’s a double bar, who else would I put right?! If you want high quality photos and more details about this product, just head over to their official website.

This is how it looks like when worn:

onecklace custom jewelry

Ever since I got it, I have been wearing it every chance I get. The necklace is so shiny and the bars do not look cheap at all. Since it’s 24K gold plated, it will not fade, or look cheap. I absolutely recommend this particular product! There are other styles available as well, like the Carrie necklace, monogram jewelry, and other custom jewelry styles that you will definitely love.

The best part about custom jewelry is that you are able to express yourself to others and allow it to represent yourself as well. It makes your accessories unique which works hand in hand when setting yourself apart in style, and in general.

Check out two of my recent videos where I wore this necklace. My Winter Essentials and Neutrogena Nourishing Long-wearing Makeup Demo

So, go ahead and check it out, when you find the one you want, use MARICARLJANAH for 10% off! They also ship worldwide, so don’t fret about not being in the continental US. If you have any questions about my thoughts, and how I have been wearing my piece, feel free to comment below. If you do decide to get one, let me know on Twitter or instagram (#onecklace) OK?!

I hope you enjoy!

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