Salon Perfect Brow Set

A quick look at Salon Perfect Brow Set

Salon Perfect Brow Set or specifically Perfect Brow Defining kit is an eyebrow set available at Walmart outlets. I don’t know where else you can get them since I’ve only seen them there. Comment below if you have sighted it at any drugstore or beauty supply store so other readers can go check them out if they are interested.

Salon Perfect Brow Set Details:

  • It’s available at Walmart for $7-$8
  • It comes with the following: 4-pot palette, wax pencil, dual-ended angled brush & spoolie
  • The shadow pots come in three shades of brown and a highlighter

This is how Salon Perfect Brow Set looks like:

Salon perfect Brow Set


Salon perfect Brow Set


I was eyeing this for a while before I actually bought it and was pleasantly surprised with how convenient it was. It has a grooming pencil that’s basically wax for those of you with full brows. I love the dual ended brush that comes along with it. It’s so easy to use and the angled brush is very precise at creating shapes for your eye brows.


Salon perfect Brow Set


The palette has 3 shades for the brows and a highlighter that’s very sheer, but gives a nice subtle highlight on the brow bone.


_1120684 Salon perfect Brow Set


The 3 shades are very distinct from each other. If you’ve read my post on the Coastal Scents Brow Set, you can compare that this one doesn’t have the cool/warm variations. It’s pretty much light, medium, and dark brown. You can also use them as eyeshadows because they are very pigmented, almost creamy-powdery in consistency, and very easy to apply and blend.

Here are the swatches of the browns from the palette:


Salon Perfect Brow Set swatches



To sum it all up, this is a great buy! It’s easily available (I think) since it’s carried by Walmart; for the price, you get a wax pencil and a dual ended brush, plus the palette is durable.

If I were to compare this to the Coastal Scents Brow Set these are my thoughts:

  1. The palette from Salon Perfect Brow Set has a smaller mirror.
  2. The Salon Perfect Brow Set palette has a highlighter but has distinct shades rather than warm/cool options.
  3. The brush from Salon Perfect Brow Set is dual ended and it comes with the grooming pencil.
  4. The Salon Perfect brow Set is available at Walmart while Coastal Scents is available online.

That was my quick run-down on the Salon Perfect Brow Set. I hope this was helpful! If you haven’t read my previous posts on the Coastal Scents products I recently purchased, do check them out. Subscribe to my blog for weekly updates!

Watch out for my next video on my YouTube channel featuring my new glasses! Here’s a sneak peek:

firmoo OK2064s


Take note, I have very high grade on both eyes with astigmatism and I have typically very thick lenses. But I am able to wear these awesome vintage inspired frames all thanks to Firmoo!

I will see you in my next post!

  1. Julie (Reply) on Monday 1, 2013

    Hey Janah! You should try the salon perfect falsies, more affordable dupe to the ardell demi wispies and it usually comes in a set of 3 pairs I think? Also found at Walmart [not available online though] 😀

  2. mae-ann (Reply) on Monday 1, 2013

    hi! where can you buy that here in the philippines? do we have walmart here, or you bought it in the States?

    • Maricarl Janah Bolus (Reply) on Monday 1, 2013

      I don’t know if it’s available in the Philippines. I bought it here in the US. Walmart is a shopping center. You can check out In2it Brow Cake. It’s the same thing except it’s in a smaller palette and has no grooming pencil. 🙂