Sedona Lace Makeup Brushes Review

Multi-tasking Makeup Brushes!

I love makeup brushes. If I could only hoard all kinds, I would! But recently, I’ve been focusing on completing my collection by picking out makeup brushes that I don’t have yet functionality-wise. What do I mean by this? Well, you can only have so many angled or buffing brushes. So, I decided to pick up two interesting makeup brushes from Sedona Lace.

As usual, shipping was very fast and the products came with a purple mesh bag, brochure, and sample eye shadows. I really love the mesh bags because you can use them for other things, unlike plastic that you simply throw away. You can also see the photo of the brochure that came with the makeup brushes. You can click on the photo to enlarge it and read the text.

makeup brushes


makeup brushes


If you remember a few posts back, I reviewed a makeup palette from this brand and absolutely loved it. You can check it out here. This time, I will be reviewing the Paddle Face brush (919) and Small Tapered Face brush (224). I thought the combination of the these two makeup brushes would be useful for my current Summer face routine.

Product Information

Sedona Lace 919 brush/ Paddle Face Brush

makeup brushes


The Synthetic Large Paddle brush combines the unique shape of a standard foundation brush with the full bristles of a powder brush, creating an all new brush on its own. The large synthetic brush head will decrease your makeup application time in half. Use this brush to apply a natural foundation application and then flip it over to set with a powder or apply your bronzer – you’ll get the best of both worlds.

Tip: The large size of this brush makes it perfect for body makeup application. Carry your bronzer to your legs to make them summer ready.

  • It retails for $15.95 and is available at the Sedona Lace website.
  • It’s the size of your hands, has a fat handle with a width that fits right in the middle of your hand.
  • The bristles are pink and black.
  • Has synthetic bristles.


Sedona Lace 224 brush/ Small Tapered Face Brush

makeup brushes


This mini shaped, conical brush is perfectly cut to fit into every nook and cranny of the face. It is especially beneficial for applying cream and liquid concealer to erase dark, under eye circles.

Tip: Dip just the tip of this brush into concealer to precisely spot treat imperfections around the face.

  • It retails for $12.95 and is available at the Sedona lace website.
  • It’s a few inches longer than the Paddle brush.
  • It has pink and black bristles.
  • Has pointed tip for precision
  • Has synthetic bristles.

What are my thoughts on these brushes?


makeup brushes

makeup brushes


  1. The size is big enough to cover majority of my face.
  2. The brush itself is good quality, with a lengthy ferrule that prevents water from seeping inside and loosening the glue.
  3. It’s comfortable to handle.
  4. The bristles are not stiff and rough on the face.
  5. It feels soft on the skin.
  6. This brush is multi-purpose. You can use it for liquid and cream products because it’s synthetic, not only that, you can use it with powder as well.
  7. It’s a great brush to bring while traveling.
  8. I have tried using this brush alone to do my liquid foundation, setting powder, contour, and blush. It did a great job at giving me a natural finish with medium coverage.
  9. It did not shed.
  10. From the brand tip provided above, you can use this for body makeup as well.


makeup brushes


  1. This is my new favorite concealer brush!
  2. The length is suitable for its purpose making it comfortable to use.
  3. It’s great quality. (It did shed a little bit upon first use, but it hasn’t done that anymore.)
  4. it’s great to bring while traveling because it’s so handy!
  5. The bristles are dense and soft on the face.
  6. It’s not stiff at all!
  7. The tapered end allows me to apply the least amount of product on a specific area accurately.
  8. I can easily control the blending and application over blemishes and corners of the face.
  9. It covers a wide surface area on my face allowing me to save time when doing my makeup.

Over all these makeup brushes have made my Summer face routine such a breeze. Since it’s been really hot lately, and I prefer not having too much product on my face. These makeup brushes allow me to even out my skin tone, blend my foundation and concealer well, without having to use so much product. It saves me time and money because I don’t use so much product!

Besides Summer, you can definitely use these makeup brushes all year long, for your every day looks! So if you are looking for an affordable paddle brush, as well as tapered face brush, go check out Sedona Lace.

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Check out two videos of mine featuring these makeup brushes!

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