The Lorac Pro Palette – A Closer Look

The Lorac Pro Palette up close!

It has been a few years since the Urban Decay Naked palettes came out and became such a big deal. It was like everyone had to have it in their collection. I think it was overly hyped and although the colors are beautiful in both Naked 1 and Naked 2, they just lack matte eye shadows that are to me, incredibly important when I create a makeup look. That is the main reason why I never really bought it.

With that being said, there have been a lot of attempts from various cosmetic companies to create a palette that is comparable, if not similar to the Naked palettes. One of them is the NYX Nude on Nude palette which I reviewed a while back. You can read about it here.

However, this post is about a palette that the company Lorac came up with not to par with the famous Urban Decay Naked palettes, but to simply provide consumers with a wider, more convenient variety of eye shadows in a single palette. This is my personal opinion of course. the palette I’m talking about is the Lorac Pro Palette.

The Lorac Pro Palette retails for $42.00 and it includes an eye primer. It’s available at their site as well as Sephora, Ulta, and I purchased mine from because I only needed $25.00 to get free shipping while Sephora needs $50.00 and Ulta charges tax. So if you are planning to get one, you might want to check out


Lorac Pro palette cover










Lorac Pro palette eye shadows


PROS of the Lorac Pro Palette:

  • The Lorac Pro palette retails for $48.00 and includes an eye primer.
  • The packaging is very slim which makes it very easy to carry around.
  • It’s travel friendly.
  • It has a decent mirror inside.
  • I like that it doesn’t try to look like the Naked palettes (just saying)
  • I love that the names are on the front, right underneath the eye shadow.
  • It contains sixteen eye shadows with one layer of matte and the other shimmery satin eye shadows.
  • It contains both warm and cool toned eye shadows.
  • The eye shadows are soft and easy to blend.
  • The shimmery satin eye shadows and most of the matte eye shadows have great pigmentation.
  • The black eye shadow is very black and pigmented.
  • You can create so many different looks with this palette because of the wide availability of options.


CONS of the Lorac Pro Palette:

  • The texture and finish of the palette makes it very easy to attract dirt and it’s a bit challenging to clean.
  • Some of the matte eye shadows are slightly powdery.
  • The lighter matte eye shadows aren’t as pigmented as I want them to be, but they work fine. I’m just really demanding lol!
These are the swatches of the Lorac Pro Palette eye shadows:
First layer (all matte)
Lorac pro palette eye shadow swatches
white, cream, taupe, light pink, mauve, sable, espresso, black


Lorac Pro palette eye shadow swatches satin finish










nude, champagne, gold, light bronze, pewter, garnet, purple, slate


I definitely love the gold eye shadow as well as light bronze because they are so pretty on the lids. I haven’t played around with them that much yet, but I am very excited to try out Garnet and Purple. Here are a few of the looks I managed to share a photo of on instagram. All of these were taken when I went to Vegas for Thanksgiving and brought my Lorac Pro Palette with me.





I apologize for the not-so high quality photos. As you know, these are from instagram and so they were taken with my handy-dandy iPhone 4.

I do plan to start a Lorac Pro Palette tutorial series featuring Holiday looks or looks you can create with it. Stay tuned for that! Follow me on instagram for daily doses of me, myself, and my makeup (lol) I am pretty active there and would love to check out your instagram photos too! Look me up @maricarljanah and check out @ruxchic too (ha!)

That’s it for my review of the Lorac Pro palette. I have another eye shadow palette review coming up and this time it’s a drugstore brand (Yay!) Subscribe to my blog by entering your email on the upper right hand corner to get automatic updates or follow me on Twitter, facebook, YouTube, and instagram.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post, advanced Merry Christmas!

By the way, are you planning to get the Lorac Pro Palette? What looks do you want to see from this palette? Do you have a request review of any particular eye shadow palette? Let me know!

  1. Rae (Reply) on Sunday 2, 2012

    Now this is my kind of palette. I was never attracted to both of the Naked palettes because of what you said exactly. No matte colors?! That’s ridiculous.

    My lids are very oily, and I can only do strategically-placed shimmers.

    And I agree with the packaging. I like that it looks nothing like Naked. Lorac Pro is so minimalist looking. Sigma should’ve gone that route.

    • Maricarl-Janah (Reply) on Sunday 2, 2012

      I haven’t really tried the Sigma palettes. Have you? What about them? I think NYX Nude on Nude is a great palette as well and it’s easily available too.