Vanessa Hudgens Beach Look

Vanessa Hudgens screams laid back, comfortable, and edgy when it comes to style. She always looks carefree every time I see her in videos or pictures. I absolutely love her skin and how she works with it to flatter her face. She also has cheekbones that are to die for. But, the main thing I want from her is her locks. Yes, I want her hair! I want a weave of it! Creepy, I know.

Well, with all this in my mind, I thought she would be the perfect inspiration for a Beach Look.

I don’t want you guys to take the title LITERALLY.

I know for a fact that when you go to the beach, you don’t really wear make-up. It is simply a concept. You can either take this tutorial and make it your own, skipping the foundation and using a tinted moisturizer instead; trashing the fake lashes and mascara, and just go bare, or you can concentrate on bronzing your skin.

Either way, I made this as a guide to anyone who wants to look good and feel good.

As I’ve done in my previous tutorial, I concentrated on my face rather than my eyes. I wanted to get that coveted healthy glow. I used easily available products so you can duplicate this look smoothly.


These are the products I used:


Wet n’ Wild Ultimate Match with SPF 15

a good alternative would be Ever Bilena Advance Shine Free Foundation with UV protection. For a detailed review on this product, click here.

Revlon Colorstay concealer in Natural Beige

It’s perfect if you will be under the sun most of the time because it’s matte and does not budge at all. The one little disadvantage of it though is it takes only a few seconds to set and you will have a difficult time blending it, so you have to be quick.

A good alternative would be Careline concealer with Tea Tree Oil which is actually for pimples but I use it for my under eyes. It’s a very light color, so if you are dark skinned, you might want to try Ever Bilena wand concealers.

Nichido Finishing Powder in So Natural

You can use your ordinary pressed powder and a kabuki or powder brush to set your foundation and concealer. Dust it over oily spots like the T-zone.

When retouching, avoid packing powder on your face. I suggest you invest on oil blotting sheets that are effective and non-comedogenic to avoid break outs or any allergic reactions.

Black Radiance Velvet Glow Cream Bronzer & Highlighter

An alternative can be a darker toned cream concealer. Ever Bilena face concealers or Ever Bilena Studio finish Stick Foundation in Miel or Soleil.

ELF Bronzer & Blush Duo

A great alternative would be Careline Blush in Morena Star.

Careline Mineral Blush Duo

This is a great buy! It comes with two blushes. The other one is more of a bronzer type with shimmer and the other one is a matte light blush color.

Bichun Eye Shadow in no. 24

You can use any shimmery white or pearl eye shadow to highlight your face.

Matte Cotton Candy Pink Blush

A good alternative would be Careline Blush in Rosy Cheek




Fashion 21 eyebrow pencil in Black

Any dark brown eye shadow available.

Apple Clear Gel mascara

You can also use your brow gel or Ever Bilena clear gel mascara.

Avon eye shadow Quad (Bronze)

Any matte Bronze eye shadow will do well. We simply need it to define our crease area.

Avon eye shadow Quad (Pearl)

It’s similar to MAC’s Shroom. So, just try to find an eye shadow close to it.

Ever Bilena Advance Eye Shadow Set

Matte Beige Eye Shadow

Nichido Brown Eyeliner

Choose a Creamy eyeliner which is easy to smudge to make it easier for you to blend it out and get that smoky effect.



Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in Mauvey

It’s a beautiful matte nude pink lipstick.


…and that’s it for the products I used. I hope the suggestions for alternatives are clear enough. For the tutorial on how I did the make-up, just watch my video here.

For questions about the products used and the look itself, just comment or message me. Check my contact details for my email address or Check out my Get Social widget at the right side for my other sites 🙂

I hope you like the look.

Good luck!





  1. Anonymous (Reply) on Thursday 28, 2011

    Pretty! My fave from you so far 😀

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      Thanks Aya! <3

    • Anonymous (Reply) on Thursday 28, 2011

      Thank you so much Aya!

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  3. April Hollie (Reply) on Thursday 28, 2011

    so Gorgeous! Love it!

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      Glad you like it dear 🙂