Travalo Excel: Smell Good All the Time!

I’m one of those people that want to smell good all the time. I feel so incomplete whenever I forget to put on at least a cologne. But most of the time, my perfumes and colognes come in big, bulky packages that are too much of a hassle to bring with me. I either have to bring a big bag all the time, or just leave it in the car.

I clearly remember this one time at the airport, on our way to Singapore, I forgot to check in my full size Bath & Body Works cologne that I loved so much. When I went through security check up, the guards had to ask me to leave it behind. My eyes almost popped out of their sockets because it was not available in the Philippines at that time and it was a pain to repurchase! I had no choice. I gazed at it one last time before leaving the area and boardingt the plane.

That’s why when I found out about this nifty atomizer called the Travalo, I immediately craved for it. The first time I ever saw it was when I watched the Chapman sisters of Pixiwoo¬†feature it in a video. So, when I had the opportunity to finally get one for myself and my subscribers, I had to grab it!


What I love about the Travalo:

  • They come in a variety of colors like the ones I have, purple and baby pink. There’s hot pink, apple green, red, electric blue…it’s so fashionable and personalized!
  • It’s so small, it’s barely the size of your palms, so you can place it anywhere (literally) it’s very travel friendly as well. I won’t be caught having to leave my perfume or cologne ever again.
  • The container itself can be used as a stand that you can place on your desk, vanity, bathroom counter, or dresser!
  • It’s so easy to use! Here’s how:

The best part about my Travalo is that it’s the Travalo EXCEL which means it has more sprays. You can spray 10 times and you won’t see much of a difference in the amount of product left in the container.

Although the give away on my channel has been closed for a while now, you can always check out Travalo’s official page here.

I am so happy that I finally have a cute and fashionable container for my perfumes and colognes!

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I will see you in my next post.

  1. Rae (Reply) on Sunday 13, 2012

    I discovered this through your youtube channel, I hope I win. It’s very nifty. Parang lighter lang na ni-rerefillan ng lighter fluid.

  2. Chinie (Reply) on Sunday 13, 2012

    It’s available now in the Philippines. or