My Sweet 16 Birthday Haul — NOT

Isn’t it sweet to be 16 and seeing life with innocent eyes?

OK, I may not be 16, but I just feel like age is JUST A NUMBER!

I have come to realize that as years pass, birthdays become less and less celebrated. I wonder if it’s because people have grown weary of partying it up, or because they don’t WANT to acknowledge the fact the it’s a NEW year, and that means, a +1 to their biological age?

I, on the other hand, refuse to budge from the time I became 19 years old.

I fervently believe that my heart is set on that number, and shall continue to stand by it. Though mentally and physically, it might not hold true for very long; still, the mind is a powerful thing.  So, think YOUNG FOREVER!

Anyway, on to my Birthday treats!

First of all, I was not expecting anything BIG. I was assuming no one would make a big deal about it, people won’t even bother greeting me, and I will spend that day very pissed off. Surprisingly, I was wrong!


You are all awesome and you made my day!

Next, I was super excited to receive my online buys simultaneously. They were both done smoothly and the sellers were absolutely legit. Birthdays are my excuse to splurge on anything I want. Every time I start feeling guilty, I tell myself to pause for a while and think “It’s your birthday, It’s your birthday!”

Do you do that too? I think I’m so weird for doing that.

So, for my first splurge, I was thinking online Cosmetic Shops. I was tweeting like usual when I brought it up and a few friends said I should try Ebay. But I’ve always been weary of Ebay, primarily because I don’t know how to buy from there. Plus, I don’t know any trusted sellers but thanks to Hollie , I found one that’s trustworthy AND sells products that are ridiculously cheap. These are my purchases:

Swatches are in my Vlog. Click here.

These are the prices:

  • Rimmel Natural Sensation All day Make-up – P171.00
  • Black Radiance  Velvet & Glow in Downtown – P114.00
  • Artmatic USA moisturizing lipstick – P52.25
  • Wet n’ Wild Lash Intense Mascara – P99.75
  • Femme Couture Total Impact Volumizing Mascara – P104.50
  • Styli-Style Liner Blend Eyeliner – P76.00

I have been using a few of the products, and so far, I’m very happy with them.

The other products I got online were single eye shadows from Belleza and I got them from United Imports Trade I honestly thought they were at least 2 x 2 inch in size, but they were just an inch each! That was a bit disappointing; however, I still love the consistency and how pigmented each eye shadow is. They were sold for P80 each.


I recently purchased two other products from United Imports Trade. I paid for them yesterday and I’m waiting for them to arrive at my doorstep. Isn’t it cool getting a surprise out of nowhere? That’s one of the perks of online shopping!

My next splurge was on ELF Products. They’re not too special, but I’ve always wanted them. I kept holding back because I felt like there was no special reason for having them. I just repurchased my Apricot Beige All Over Cover Stick. YES. That’s how much I LOVE IT! I also bought the All Over Color Stick in Pink lemonade which is awesome. I literally just use these two items for work; with my brow kit of course.


Let me just say how much I love the ELF Bronzer and Blusher palette?! I thought twice about buying it the first time, but when I had lunch with a few friends, they let me try it and I fell in love; especially after comparing it with NARS Orgasm that my friend had with her. I am telling you guys, try it!

The rest are random cosmetics that I thought were pretty interesting, like the In2it eyebrow kit that my friend Noe aka COLORismyweapon uses and the Fashion 21 Loose Powder that I have been dying to get since I got the wrong color, thanks to that sales lady.

I’ve started using some of these products, and so far, so good. I can’t wait to do a review on every item. If you are all interested in getting one for yourself here are the links to the sellers:

Ebay: jnlink777

UIT: United Imports Trade

And for those of you who are interested in the getting blazers & jackets similar to the ones I showed in my March Collective Haul, here is the link to Pines Shoppe

Thank you for reading my post and I hope you enjoyed it. Stay tuned for a few Summer tutorials using these products. I’ve been trying to brainstorm and find the perfect time to sit down and work on them. As you all know, ever since I started working, I’ve been in a tight schedule.

Thank you for continuously supporting me even though I haven’t been uploading videos as much. You are all amazing and you motivate me to continue doing this.

Have a great day!

Lots of Love

Janah 🙂

  1. makeupid25 (Reply) on Tuesday 5, 2011

    Happy Birthday sis! I buy my mok-up from Meg of Ebay din,steal super right?hihi.
    Anyway, Love watching your videos! Keep them coming! You’re one of my fav Filipina Youtubers, including Noe! Good job guys!

    • Anonymous (Reply) on Tuesday 5, 2011

      Thank you so much! I love her site. I feel like losing control sometimes, it gets dangerous. lol.

  2. April Hollie (Reply) on Tuesday 5, 2011

    Belated Happy Birthday Sis! It was also my birthday last april 3. and I just went shopping on Parkmall (because of your recommendation) after my birthday lunch celeb with family. I found tons of great stuff there. Also, I bought the Watson’s body lotion in cherry (because of your feb wins video)… i love it!

    I also have all of those ELF stuff you bought..hehe. I soooo love the blush & bronzer duo. the Pink Lemonade all over cover stick is awesome too but I seldom use it. and just emptied my all over cover stick in honey.. will be repurchasing a new one. hehe

    And I love that powder brush I actually have two. One for myself and one for clients.

    Also, thanks for the mention above. I appreciate it.

    • Anonymous (Reply) on Tuesday 5, 2011

      I especially love the lashes at park mall ;P It’s a humble make-up haven! I’m glad you have positive feedbacks for my recommendations dear. I’m super happy! I can’t get enough of the All over cover stick and All over color stick. I practically use it every single day!

      No problem about the mention dear, you totally deserve to be recognized 😀

      • April Hollie (Reply) on Tuesday 5, 2011

        hehe. I saw those pretty lashes. But I don’t know how to use them…LOL. I tried it once but failed… I’m getting the hang of it.

  3. Michelle (Reply) on Tuesday 5, 2011

    I made the mistake of clicking the United Imports Trade link. I’m hooked!!!! :))

    • Anonymous (Reply) on Tuesday 5, 2011


  4. Donnarence (Reply) on Tuesday 5, 2011

    i love meg!! i always buy from her esp those wet n wild products… nice haul belated happy bday.. 😀

  5. Donnarence (Reply) on Tuesday 5, 2011

    i love meg!! i always buy from her esp those wet n wild products… nice haul belated happy bday.. 😀

  6. Anonymous (Reply) on Tuesday 5, 2011

    I just purchased another set of products from her. I’m telling you, I’m getting addicted & it’s NOT healthy at all lol. Thank you for the greeting. It’s well appreciated 🙂

  7. shopcoholic (Reply) on Tuesday 5, 2011

    nice haul! I have the In2it brow kit but the old version..

    • Anonymous (Reply) on Tuesday 5, 2011

      What does the old version look like? I was never into brow kits until recently…I just wanted tot ry it. I still use my good old Avon quad for my every day brows.

  8. Kitty (Reply) on Tuesday 5, 2011

    Hi Maricarljanah! what’s the brand of the brush that u featured in the video? u mentioned that u bought it in Metro Ayala Cebu for P113….i want to buy the same 🙂